28 January 2011

I Need You By My Side

We never know how long life is
We never know when we will die
But no matter what happens in life
I want you ALWAYS by my side...

You are the light in my dark soul
You are the only one that keeps my alive
When i almost dronwed unexpectedly
Still learning in the water how to dive...

You are the smile brought upon my face
You live the life i wish to trace...
You are more than anything i've ever dreamed of before
But my body is aching and my heart is sore...

I am up late every night thinking all on my own
The cold of the night makes me shiver and let out cries
But without u, i fall all alone
And i can feel you come back to help me rise
And i'm so glad to have u by my side...

Why do i cry when i think of u
Why can't i live in peace
In my world there is only room for two
It's just me and u, and nothing in between...

Each second that passes by and you aren't by my side
I fade away very slowly
Why are u so far away
I'm in the dark, blind, and very lonely

Even though u are far away, i can still hear u say
"I love you", and I'm so happy to have you by my side 'till this day...
My mind only allows myself to think of u
But i always end up crying

What is there next, what am i to do
Come save me, without u I'm slowly dying...
Please answer my calls, I've been needing u all my life
My arms are open very wide

They want to hold u tight
And more than ever, I need u by my side...
Please don't forget me
For my heart remembers u all the time

But no matter what happens in life
I'll ALWAYS want u, have u, and NEED u by my side...