09 August 2010

a confession for him

know..it's hard to be someone for me coz' i'm so complicated. it's not easy for u to understand what i think and what i want..i'm sorry..
i always make u unhappy..
i always find the way to make u scream at my ear. sometimes i can see ur fury and bola2 api like to come out from that eyes..i admit that i'm scared. please don't repeat it again syg..
hurm one thing..
i always know my voice

gets louder when I end up with more things on my mind tha

t make me feel bad.
but it's just me. i'm sorry again.. :(
i always get angry..

I get angry when I have a lot of things on my mind that I can’t do anything.

i love when u always beside me and free to calm me when i'm sad..
when i'm crying u hugs me and it just makes me cry even more lah. ;P
every night my eyes fill with tears..
and when i need u i just close my eyes..
when i'm alone u accompany me with ur sweet messages..and u try to make me smile again..
u'll never bored to give me a million happiness..
yes i'm so happy and i appreciate it..
i made a lot of mistakes.
for the 3rd times..i'm sorry.. :'(
i don't care 'bout the past..
thanks for everything you've done to me..

no matter how you are , i'm still loving u.
there's nothing can change anything except God..

i don't wanna lose u..

this is my confession for u..

only for u..S.A

_ur lover_